Epic Adventures of the World Calendar 2021

1st Edition Aug 2020


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Some places are synonymous with adventure, whether that be amazing bike rides in Europe, hikes in the wide, open plains of the United States or road trips in the wilds of India’s Himachal Pradesh. Our 2021 wall calendar showcases a variety of adventures, following the themes showcased by our Epic book series and featuring one incredible, timely destination for each month, it will inspire any traveller for the coming year ahead.

Complete with destination information, national holidays and captivating illustrations of 12 unmissable experiences all around the world, this 24-page soft-cover calendar is nothing if not epic.
Book Details
ISBN: 9781838690816
Writers: Lonely Planet
24 pages, 24pp color | Dimensions: 305mm × 305mm
Next edition due: Aug 2021

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