Egyptian Arabic Phrasebook & Dictionary

4th Edition May 2014


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Egyptian Arabic is a complex language that has evolved over centuries. With this guide to Egyptian Arabic you'll know your classical from your colloquial and read from right to left like a pro.

  • Never get stuck for words with our3840-word dictionary
  • Guide to pronunciation and phrase-building
  • Practicalities - where to find a doctor, catch a bus or buy a deodorant
  • Order the right meal with our menu decoder
  • Avoid embarrassing situationswith essential tips on culture & manners

Coverage Includes: Introduction, Pronunciation, Grammar, Meeting People, Getting Around, Accommodation, Around Town, Family, Interests, Shopping, Food, Health, Specific Needs, Time Date & Festivals, Numbers & Amounts, Emergencies, Dictionary and Sustainable Travel.

Book Details
ISBN: 9781741791334
Writers: Siona Jenkins
288 pages, 0pp color, 0 maps | Dimensions: 93mm × 140mm
Next edition due: Mar 2023

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