Cruise Ports Northeast Asia - Nagoya (PDF Chapter)

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Cruise Ports Northeast Asia - Nagoya (PDF Chapter)

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This is the Nagoya chapter from Lonely Planet’s Cruise Ports Northeast Asia guidebook.

Affable Nagoya is a manufacturing powerhouse. But that doesn’t mean it’s a city of factories: well-maintained parks and green spaces prevail in the inner wards. Nagoya has some fantastic museums, significant temples and excellent shopping, and Nagoyans are vivacious and unpre-tentious.

  • explore the streets around Osu Kannon for a sampler of Nagoya’s culture, shopping and cuisine
  • maps
  • swap ships for trains at the hands-on SCMAGLEV & Railway Park
  • transport
  • imagine life as a shogun at reconstructed Nagoya-jo
  • food & drink

Coverage includes: Osu Temple & Shopping District, Sights, Shopping, Eating.

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