Chile & Easter Island - Norte Grande (PDF Chapter)

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Chile & Easter Island - Norte Grande (PDF Chapter)

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This is the Norte Grande chapter from Lonely Planet’s Chile & Easter Island guidebook.

Dust devils zoom wantonly through sun-scorched Norte Grande with its undulating curves of rock and stone, Andean lagoons, snowcapped volcanoes, salt flats and sensuously perforated coastline. Its vast, uninhabited spaces touch the soul and the imagination.

  • watch jaw-dropping sunsets, sand-board down golden dunes and photograph topaz lakes against chiseled snow-covered peaks in San Pedro de Atacama
  • maps
  • contemplate the world’s oldest mummies Museo Arqueológico San Miguel de Azapa
  • transport
  • breath in the clean (but very thin) air while visiting Andean villages and high-altitude lakes in the Parque Nacional Lauca
  • restaurants & accommodation

Coverage includes: San Pedro de Atacama & Around, Reserva Nacional Los Flamencos, El Tatio Geysers, Calama, Chuquicamata, Antofagasta, South of Antofagasta, Iquique, East of Iquique, Pisagua, Arica & Around, Route 11, Putre, Parque Nacional Lauca, South of Parque Nacional Lauca.

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