Calm (Mini Edition) : Secrets to Serenity From the Cultures of the World

1st Edition Mar 2015


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All around the world people find ways to contend with the stresses of daily life. Here are fifty of these calming cultural secrets as well as methods for applying them at home.

When you need to keep your cool…

  • Learn to laugh down your fears at Halloween
  • Send your worries to Guatemalan worry dolls to look after for you
  • Step outside yourself at a Venetian masquerade ball
  • Focus on a single target like a Bhutanese archer
  • Access theta brain waves with Malian drumming
  • Become one with your natural environment like an Inuit kayaker

Bring a little slice of serenity to your busy life!

Book Details
ISBN: 9781743607596
Writers: Lonely Planet
128 pages, 128pp color, 0 maps | Dimensions: 102mm × 92mm
Next edition due: Mar 2020

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