Buenos Aires - South of Palermo (PDF Chapter)

Buenos Aires - South of Palermo (PDF Chapter)

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Villa Crespo is a good area for outlet shopping and excellent restaurants. The main attraction in Abasto is the Mercado de Abasto, one of the city’s most attractive shopping malls. Once is home to hundreds of street vendors selling garments and cheap electronic devices.

  • learn about tango’s most famous singer via his old recordings, news clippings and personal items at the small Museo Casa Carlos Gardel located at the very house he used to live in
  • maps
  • dance it up at Monday night’s drumming parties at the Ciudad Cultural Konex
  • transport
  • dance tango at la Catedral, BA’s most bohemian milonga (dance hall), after taking a class at DNI Tango nearby
  • restaurants & bars

Coverage includes: Neighbourhood Top Five, Local Life, Getting There & Away, Sights, Eating, Drinking & Nightlife, Entertainment, Shopping, Sports & Activities.

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