Bhutan - Treks (PDF Chapter)

Bhutan - Treks (PDF Chapter)

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This is the Treks chapter from Lonely Planet’s Bhutan guidebook.

Bhutan offers a wide range of treks, from tough high­altitude expeditions to the base camps of snowcapped Himalayan giants to relaxing community-based village trails linked by subtropical forest. With walks ranging from two days to one month, there’s a trek for everyone.

  • climb past remote lakes and mountain monasteries on the Druk Path trek
  • maps
  • take a peaceful five-day walk near Thimphu on the Dagala Thousand Lakes trek
  • transport
  • see monasteries, villages and superb views of Jhomolhari on the easy Saga La trek

Coverage includes: Trek Routes, Route Descriptions, Directions & Place Names, Health & Safety, Rescue, Druk Path Trek, Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek, Bumdrak Trek, Saga La Trek, Jhomolhari Trek, Jhomolhari Loop (Soi Yaksa) Trek, Laya Trek, Snowman Trek, Owl Trek, Nabji Trek, Merak–Sakteng Trek.

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