Better Than Fiction 1

1st Edition Nov 2017


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From Lonely Planet, the world’s leading travel guide publisher, Better Than Fiction 2: True Adventures from 30 Great Fiction Writers, the follow-up to 2012’s Better Than Fiction, is a second serving of true travel stories told by some of the world’s best fiction writers including Dave Eggers, Jane Smiley and Karen Joy Fowler.

Varied in place, plot and voice, these are stirring and evocative pieces that all share one common characteristic—they manifest a passion for the precious gift of travel, from its unexpected but inevitably enriching lessons about other peoples and places, to the truths, sometimes uncomfortable but always enlarging, it reveals about ourselves.

By turns comic, dramatic, and moving – from Francine Prose’s confrontation of the mysteries of India to DBC Pierre’s search for Hemingway’s muse in Italy – these 30 short tales reveal the joys, perils, and surprises of travel, and that truth can often be stranger (and better) than fiction.

Whether on a plane en route to your own travel adventure, or at home settling in for a vicarious experience of world adventures, embark on this literary journey around the world and explore your passion for travel now!

Also available: Better Than Fiction 1

Book Details
ISBN: 9781787012660
Writers: Alexander McCall Smith, Isabel Allende, Steven Amsterdam, Kurt Andersen, Carol Birch, Stefan Merrill Block, Tom Carson, Bryce Courtenay, Sophie Cunningham, Mark Dapin, Peter Ho Davies, Charles Finch, Nikki Gemmell, Don George, Steven Hall, Keri Hulme, M J Hyland, Pico Iyer, Suzanne Joinson, Lloyd Jones, Stephen Kelman, Marina Lewycka, Peter Matthiessen, Frances Mayes, Jan Morris, Joyce Carol Oates, Tea Obreht, Keija Parssinen, Chris Pavone, DBC Pierre, Aliya Whitely, Joe Yogerst, Arnold Zable
288 pages, 0pp color | Dimensions: 128mm × 197mm
Next edition due: Nov 2022

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