Lonely Planet's Best Ever Travel Tips

1st Edition Nov 2014


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Get the best travel secrets & advice from the experts! Packed with trade secrets, Lonely Planet’s Best Ever Travel Tips will help you have a better, safer, cheaper trip. And with its cheeky illustrations, it might even make you smile along the way.

We’ve spoken to several dozen seriously clued-up travel experts about everything from technology to adventure, and urban exploration to connecting with local people and other travellers. The aim with Best Ever Travel Tips is to pass on universal advice that you can take with you wherever in the world you go, and whatever budget you travel at. And if we pass on a trade secret or two then we, and we’re sure you, won’t mind at all.

  • Find the best value deals
  • Score that elusive upgrade
  • Stay safe on the road
Book Details
ISBN: 9781743603611
Curator: Lonely Planet
128 pages, 128pp color, 0 maps | Dimensions: 168mm × 102mm
Next edition due: Nov 2018

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