Beijing - The Great Wall (PDF Chapter)

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Beijing - The Great Wall (PDF Chapter)

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This is the Great Wall chapter from Lonely Planet’s Beijing guidebook.

An excursion to the Great Wall is an unmissable part any trip to Beijing. Wander sections of restored Wall with the crowds, or hike challenging sections of the Wild Wall along mountain ridges with stunning views.

  • join the crowds at Bādálǐng, the most famous and picturesque stretch of the Wall
  • maps
  • hike unrestored stretches of the Wall from the ancient fortified village of Gǔběikǒu
  • transport
  • toboggan down restored sections of Wall around Mùtiányù
  • restaurants & accommodation

Coverage includes: Mùtiányù, Gǔběikǒu, Jiànkòu, Huánghuā Chéng, Zhuàngdàokǒu, Jīnshānlǐng, Bādálǐng, Hiking the Great Wall.

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