Bangladesh - Understand Bangladesh and Survival Guide (PDF Chapter)

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Bangladesh - Understand Bangladesh and Survival Guide (PDF Chapter)

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All the info you need on everything from history, war crime tribunals, endangered species and folk art to flights, public transport, climate, money, the internet... you name it. Get tips for women travellers, gay and lesbian travellers, travellers with disabilities, and travellers with kids. And get the most out of your conversations with a handy language guide and glossary.

  • a rundown on the hottest topics affecting Bangladesh’s highly charged political scene
  • info on the landscape, wildlife and environmental challenges of one of the greenest and most densely populated countries on the planet
  • full coverage of the artistic soul of Bengal; from Bangla beats to the poetry of Rabindranath Tagore
  • details on the richness of Bangladeshi culture, from its religious and ethnic diversity to its social customs

Coverage includes: Bangladesh Today, History, Environment: the Land, Animals, Birds, Plants and Environmental Issues, Arts & Literature: Literature, Music, Cinema, Folk Art and Modern Art, Bangladeshi Cuisine: Main Meals, Vegetarians & Vegans and Drinks, People & Culture: Religion, Language, Family and Customs, Directory A–Z, Transport, Health and Language.

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