Meet with Edvinas, our Local Expert in The Baltics

Meet with Edvinas, our Local Expert in The Baltics

40 minute expert consultation
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Get access to Edvinas' insider knowledge as he shares invaluable tips and recommendations to take your trip to the next level. Local to the Baltics, Edvinas is deeply rooted in the Balt way of life and can guide you through lesser-known attractions, off-the-beaten-path adventures, and authentic cultural experiences that will leave you awe-inspired.

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        Edvinas, your local expert in The Baltics.

        Edvinas speaks more languages than there are letters in his home country of Lithuania (yep, that’s 10). A natural polyglot and born traveler, Ed got his start as an on-the-road guide for some of the world’s largest travel operators. Swapping tour leading for tailor-made trip planning, Ed is on a mission to show the world Finland and the Baltic States as he knows and loves them, and now has an acclaimed boutique agency and an impressive history of expertly-curated trips under his belt. A nature lover that can’t live without coffee, Ed oscillates between cozy cafés and the outdoors. Fortunately, the Baltic nations bundle all of that and more in a land area smaller than some American states.

        Why would I need a local expert?

        • Our licensed and locally based experts offer access to undiscovered experiences.
        • With their wealth of knowledge, our experts can ease any travel anxiety you may have.
        • Streamline the planning process so you can plan an unforgettable trip quickly.