Antarctica - Ross Sea (PDF Chapter)

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Antarctica - Ross Sea (PDF Chapter)

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The explorers of the Heroic Age, who sailed the Ross Sea region’s ice-choked waters, gained a crucial foothold here for exploration of the interior. Around the Ross Sea, Antarctica’s richest historic heritage is on full display.

  • feel the chill of the ghosts of the polar party who never returned at Scott’s Terra Nova hut
  • maps
  • puzzle over fantastic natural wind-sculptures at Dry Valleys
  • transport
  • peer into marine aquariums at Crary Lab at Mcmurdo Station to see local sea life up close
  • restaurants & accommodation

Coverage includes: Cape Adare, Possession Islands, Cape Hallett, Cape Washington, Mount Melbourne, Terra Nova Bay, Drygalski Ice Tongue, Franklin Island, Norden-skjöld Ice Tongue, Dry Valleys, Ross Island, Ross Ice Shelf.

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