Antarctica - East Antarctica & the South Pole (PDF Chapter)

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Antarctica - East Antarctica & the South Pole (PDF Chapter)

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Severe and spectacular, East Antarctica is the land of the polar plateau and the continent’s coldest temperatures. The icebound coast, with its massive ice shelves, is broken up by the occa-sional ice-free oasis, or teeming seabird or emperor-penguin colonies.

  • zip around the world in seconds at the Geographic South Pole
  • maps
  • visit Mawson’s ‘Home of the Blizzard,’ Commonwealth Bay
  • transport
  • tour the base and learn about cutting-edge experiments such as IceCube at Amund-sen-Scott South Pole Station
  • restaurants & accommodation

Coverage includes: East Antarctica, Neumayer III Station, SANAE IV, Troll Station, Schirmacher Hills, Princess Elisabeth Antarctica Station, Syowa Station, Dome Fuji, Mo-lodezhnaya Station, Mawson Station, Scullin & Murray Monoliths, Lambert Glacier & Amery Ice Shelf, Larsemann Hills, Vestfold Hills, Mirny Station, Bunger Hills, Casey Station, Dumont d’Urville Station, Commonwealth Bay & Cape Denison, Leningradskaya Station, Concordia Sta-tion & Dome Charlie (Dome C), Vostok Station, Dome Argus (Dome A), South Pole.

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