Amalfi Coast Road Trips - Classic Trips (PDF Chapter)

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Amalfi Coast Road Trips - Classic Trips (PDF Chapter)

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With a car you’ll discover there’s more to Italy than Michelangelo masterpieces and Roman ruins, and you’ll be able to properly explore Campania’s rugged mountains, steaming fumaroles and ethereal coastal grottoes. Welcome to Italy at its most seductive and intense.

  • navigate a stunning coastline of vertical landscapes and chic resort towns on the Amalfi Coast trip
  • pick the right route with inspirational images and key trip highlights
  • head from Naples’ tumult to Pompeii’s long-buried mysteries on the Shadow of Vesuvius trip
  • get around easily with colour maps and route directions in easy stages
  • pair raw beauty with exuberant cuisine on Campania’s coast on the Southern Larder trip
  • discover even more with detours and ways to link your trips

Coverage includes: Amalfi Coast Road Trip, Shadow of Vesuvius Road Trip, Southern Larder Road Trip, Cilento Coastal Trail Road Trip.

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