Africa - Gabon (PDF Chapter)

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Africa - Gabon (PDF Chapter)

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This is the Gabon chapter from Lonely Planet’s Africa guidebook.

Gabon offers a spectacular array of wildlife in its dense rainforests and open. Add to that superb white-sand beaches, rushing rivers and ethereal landscapes, and you have an Eden-like travel experience in an unexplored part of Africa.

  • follow a troop of wild gorillas in loango National Park
  • maps
  • come across wild elephants amid spectacular scenery in lopé National Park
  • transport
  • kick back in cosmopolitan Libreville and taking a day trip to nearby Pointe Denis
  • restaurants & accommodation

Coverage includes: Libreville & around, Pointe Denis, Pongara National Park, Coastal Gabon, Port-Gentil, Omboué & Fernan Vaz Lagoon, Loango National Park, Setté Cama, Mayumba National Park, Central Gabon, Lambaréné, Lopé National Park, Ivindo National Park, Understand Gabon and Survival Guide.

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