This is My World

This is My World out now
This is My World out now
This is My World
Meet 84 incredible kids from all corners of the globe
£1 from each UK sale of This is My World will go to War Child UK

£1 from each UK sale of This is My World will go to War Child UK to help children affected by conflict.

Thanks to the help of War Child UK, This is My World also features the experiences of children who have grown up in countries affected by armed conflict, including Esther in Uganda and Yousef who lives in a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan. £1 from each UK sale of This is My World will go to War Child UK and its efforts to ensure the lives of children like Esther and Yousef aren’t torn apart by war.

If you were asked to tell someone on the other side of the world about yourself, where would you start? 

Perhaps you'd mention your favourite hobbies, the pranks you play on your family, or what you want to be when you grow up. Would you include a selfie or a family photo? A cute snap of your puppy or that awesome shot of you playing your favourite sport? 

In This is My World, 84 children from 73 countries across six continents share their stories and photos of what’s unique about their lives. You’ll meet their families and pets, learn about their homes and their hobbies, their customs and celebrations. These personal portraits also reveal the many things children have in common, no matter where they’re from. 

This is My World will give young readers a unique view of life on every continent – told through the eyes of the children who live there.

Discover what it’s like to live: 

 ● On a cattle ranch in Australia 
 ● High up in the Himalaya mountains in Nepal 
 ● In an orphanage in Zambia 
 ● By a remote fjord in Greenland 
 ● At an eco-lodge in Costa Rica 
 ● And many, many more places on the planet.

A thoroughly contemporary look at the world's children. Children from 73 countries, some rarely represented in children's books, including Malawi, Kosovo, Barbados, and Papua New Guinea, talk about their lives. Each double-page spread is devoted to one child and is jammed with photos of different sizes, a small flag, and a globe pointing out the country where they live. There is an emphasis on different types of families: Yared's single-mom family in Ethiopia, Jack's single-dad family in Fiji, Jenisha's extended-family unit in Nepal, and many blended families with stepparents and half -siblings. Diversity exists within families with parents from different cultures ...

A necessary purchase for those interested in educating global citizens. (quiz, index) (Nonfiction. 8-12)" - Kirkus


  • Families! Get your kids to add themselves to our round-the-world paperchain using our handy template 
  • Teachers! Why not get the children in your class to fill out our activity sheet and swap with another class? 

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