Wrap it in a map!
Wrap it in a map!
Map Wrap it!
Win Christmas with this guilt-free gifting solution

Feel just a little bit terrible throwing all that paper in the bin after the festivities are over? Here's a rather crafty alternative to single-use wrapping paper - wrap your gifts in a map! 

Lightweight, durable and easy to re-fold, our maps are 95mm × 197mm (24.5 x 19.5 inches) and will wrap even the biggest of our titles! Gift tape peels off the waterproof paper without leaving a mark, and the map can be refolded and ready for use on its next adventure. You'll need to do the wrapping, and we recommend putting the sleeve for the map in with the present. If you want to wrap multiple presents, book dimensions are listed on every product page, so factor that in when making your purchase.

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(*Please be aware that this excludes The World and Europe continent maps - there are printed on a heavier stock, so are unsuitable as wrapping paper. Gift bows and string not included).


Our durable and waterproof City maps come in an easy-fold design held inside a handy slipcase. Detailed and easy-to-read, they’re printed in full colour to make travelling and trip planning a breeze. Made for the urban explorer, each map is packed with top sights, expert advice, a transport map and a useful street index.

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