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The Best Place to be Today

1st Edition Sep 2014


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365 things to do, and the perfect day to do them. Perhaps you want to know when to pack your picnic for the prettiest Japanese cherry blossom party (26 March, in case you’re wondering). Or when best to raft the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon (try 16 September, the day after motorboats are prohibited for the year). Maybe you want to spend your Christmas break with baby warthogs rather than baby Jesus (try Kenya, 27 December), ride a bobsled in summer rather than winter (Austria, 2 July) or be sure not to miss a biggie, such as Glastonbury (England, 28 June) or messy Tomatina (Spain, 26 August).


There’s an idea here for every day of the year. Some suggestions are date specific – a religious holiday, a festival, an annual seasonal opening. Some give an indication of the best week, month or timeframe when perhaps it’s driest, coolest, quietest or most full of wildebeest.

Of course, there are myriad options. On any given day, there are many best places to be, many destinations ripe for adventures. But here are 365 goodies to get you started. Now, stop reading this – you shouldn’t be HERE.

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ISBN: 9781743601655 Language: English

Authors: Sarah Baxter, Lonely Planet Publications

272 pages | Dimensions: 185mm x 240mm

Next edition due: Sep 2018

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