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Not For Parents: Europe

1st Edition Oct 2013


The North & Latin America edition (with US English) is available here.

This is not a guidebook. And it is definitely Not-for-Parents.

It is the real, inside story about one of the world’s most colourful continents – Europe. In this book you’ll read about bizarre pastimes from wok racing and mobile phone hurling to grown-up food fights and rotten shark chomping.

You’ll learn the gruesome facts about some of history’s most bloodthirsty rulers and can check out sculptures made of human bones, the world’s biggest pizza, ultra-cool ice hotels, and a metal-munching Frenchman. This book shows you a EUROPE your parents probably don’t even know about.

Suitable for children ages 8-12.

Book details

ISBN: 9781743219133 Language: English

Authors: Lonely Planet Publications, Clive Gifford

96 pages | Dimensions: 165mm x 210mm

Next edition due: Oct 2016

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