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Lonely Planet's Best in Travel 2017

1st Edition Oct 2016


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There's still time to make it a year to remember. Where is the best place to visit right now, at this very moment in travel history? This is the most hotly contested topic at Lonely Planet and dominates more conversations than any other. We pose this question to everyone at Lonely Planet, from our authors and editors, all the way to our online family of bloggers and tweeters. 

As self-confessed travel geeks, our staff collectively rack up hundreds of thousands of miles each year, exploring almost every destination on the planet in the process. Each year they come up with hundreds of places that are buzzing right now, offer new things for travellers to see or do, or are criminally overlooked and underrated.

Amid fierce debate, the list is whittled down by our panel of travel experts to just 10 countries, 10 regions and 10 cities that travellers must visit in the year ahead. Each destination is chosen for its topicality, unique experiences and ‘wow’ factor. We don’t just report on the trends, we set them – helping you get there before the crowds do.

We also come up with the world’s best-value destinations, the most exciting family adventures, and the most incredible places to stay.

Discover what makes these destinations fantastic places to see right now and what unmissable experiences they offer. The suggested itineraries and practical information are designed to help you make a dream trip happen for yourself. Be inspired by what is spurring travellers to get out and see more of the world.  Make 2017 your year of incredible travel experiences!

Book details

ISBN: 9781786571151 Language: English

Authors: James Bainbridge, Sarah Bennett, Joe Bindloss, Jean-Bernard Carillet, Helen Elfer, Tom Hall, Paula Hardy, John Hecht, Anita Isalska, Patrick Kinsella, Michael Kohn, Regis St. Louis, Tom Masters, Lorna Parkes, Matt Phillips, Brandon Presser, Kevin Raub, Daniel Savery Raz, Sarah Reid, James Smart, Phillip Tang, Tasmin Waby, Luke Waterson, Chris Zeiher

208 pages, 208 pp colour, 1 maps | Dimensions: 145mm x 180mm

Next edition due: Oct 2017

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