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Great Journeys (Hardback pictorial)

1st Edition Oct 2011


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Hardback pictorial. Travel the World's Most Spectacular Routes. Have you dreamed of a travel experience where the journey is as much a part of the pleasure as the destination itself?

This book presents more than 70 of the greatest journeys you could undertake, from ancient trails, like Machu Picchu, through to modern classics, like Route 66. Let Lonely Planet tell you what it feels like to take the trip and give you the information you need to start bringing your dreams to life.

Explore the world!

Also available in paperback edition.

* Please note, this title is not available in digital PDF format.

Book details

ISBN: 9781742205892 Language: English

Authors: Andrew Bain, Sarah Baxter, Simon Sellars, Adam Skolnick

312 pages | Dimensions: 230mm x 305mm

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