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Great Adventures (Hardback pictorial)

1st Edition Oct 2012


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Ancient trails. Underwater chasms. Ice-clad peaks.

This showcase of the world’s most thrilling adventures takes you by boot, pedal or paddle to awe-inspiring natural spectacles and on adrenalin-charged feats of endeavour. You don’t need to be intrepid necessarily, but you will need to embrace the spirit of adventure!

* Please note, this title is not available in digital PDF format.

Book details

ISBN: 9781742209647 Language: English

Authors: Andrew Bain, Sarah P Gilbert, Luke Waterson, Ray Bartlett, Steve Waters, Jim DuFresne, Lucy Burningham, Kerry Christiani, Greg Benchwick, Gabi Mocatta, Abigail Blasi, Joe Bindloss, Scott Kennedy, Sarah Baxter, Bradley Mayhew, Ben Kozel, Caroline Veldhuis, Paul Bloomfeild, Ben Fogie, Craig Scutt, Gregor Clark

320 pages | Dimensions: 230mm x 305mm

Next edition due: Oct 2016

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