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Cooks, Clowns and Cowboys

1st Edition Dec 2012


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101 skills and experiences to discover on your travels.

Who do you want to be... The next molecular gastronomy genius? An intrepid archaeologist? A Paris-based artist? This book takes you around the world and presents 101 experiences, courses and lessons into classic skills and talents of the places you visit - dancing a tango in Argentina, pounding a perfect Thai curry paste in Chiang Mai or trout-fishing weekend in Montana. Saddle up for a new you, and come back from your travel with more than just a suntan.

Book details

ISBN: 9781743210215 Language: English

Authors: Andrew Bain, Robin Barton, Sarah Baxter, Mark Beales, Sarah Bennett, Joe Bindloss, Abigail Blasi, Catherine Bodry, Claire Boobbyer, Celeste Brash, Janine Eberle, Jane Egginton, Ethan Gelber, Sarah P Gilbert, Tienlon Ho, Jessica Lee, Regis St. Louis, Shawn Low, Rose Mulready, Robert Reid, Simon Richmond, Daniel Robinson, Sam Rutter, Brendan Sainsbury, Craig Scutt, Matt Swaine, Phillip Tang, Caroline Veldhuis, Luke Waterson, Penny Watson

224 pages | Dimensions: 185mm x 240mm

Next edition due: Dec 2016

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