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Sinhala phrasebook

4th Edition Jul 2014


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Sinhala is one of the two official languages of Sri Lanka, and it is the first language of more than 75% of the population. According to Sinhalese tradition, this language was introduced to Sri Lanka by a banished prince in the 6th century who conquered the local 'demons'. It has a relatively flexible grammar, so it won't take you long to conquer that language barrier.

  • 1470-word dictionary
  • Guide to pronunciation and grammar
  • Fail-safe small talk
  • Practicalities - how to catch a train or ask for antibiotics

Book details

ISBN: 9781743211922 Language: English

Authors: Swarna Pragnaratne, Lonely Planet Publications

232 pages | Dimensions: 93mm x 140mm

Next edition due: Jul 2020

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