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  1. Africa - <strong>Namibia</strong> (PDF Chapter)

    Africa - Namibia (PDF Chapter)

    This is the Namibia chapter from Lonely Planet’s Africa guidebook. Namibia possesses some... all this is a German legacy, evident in the cuisine, the architecture and in Windhoek’s legendary... Canyon, one of Africa’s greatest natural wonders restaurants & accommodation Coverage includes: Windhoek... 14th edition, Oct 2017. 36 pages.


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  2. Africa travel guide

    Africa travel guide

    Africa. There’s nowhere like it on the planet for wildlife, wild lands and rich traditions that endure. Prepare to fall in love. Lonely Planet will get you to the heart of Africa, with amazi... 14th Edition, Oct 2017. 1120 pages. 1056 colour pages. Also available in digital formats



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  3. Botswana & <strong>Namibia</strong> - Botswana (PDF Chapter)

    Botswana & Namibia - Botswana (PDF Chapter)

    Blessed with some of the greatest wildlife spectacles on earth, Botswana is one of the great safari destinations in Africa. There are more elephants in Botswana than anywhere on earth, the b... 4th Edition, Aug 2017. 139 pages.


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  4. Botswana & <strong>Namibia</strong> - <strong>Namibia</strong> (PDF Chapter)

    Botswana & Namibia - Namibia (PDF Chapter)

    includes: Windhoek, North-Central Namibia, Eastern Namibia, Etosha National Park, Northern Namibia, The North, Kavango Region, The Caprivi Strip, Otjozondjupa, Northwestern Namibia, Damaraland, The Kaokoveld... Namibia has some of the most stunning landscapes in Africa, and a trip through the country is one... 4th Edition, Aug 2017. 164 pages.


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  5. Botswana & <strong>Namibia</strong> - Plan your trip (PDF Chapter)

    Botswana & Namibia - Plan your trip (PDF Chapter)

    This chapter contains the Welcome to Botswana & Namibia, Botswana & Namibia’s Top 16, Need to Know... Lonely Planet’s Botswana & Namibia guidebook. Your journey to Botswana & Namibia starts here. You’ll find... overview ensures you won’t miss a thing Coverage includes: Welcome to Botswana & Namibia, Botswana & Na... 4th Edition, Aug 2017. 40 pages.


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  6. Botswana & <strong>Namibia</strong> - Survival Guide (PDF Chapter)

    Botswana & Namibia - Survival Guide (PDF Chapter)

    This chapter contains the Health and Language chapters from Lonely Planet’s Botswana & Namibia guidebook. All the info you need on everything from insurance and vaccinations to malaria, yellow fever and dengue fever... you name it, as well as handy language guide and glossary. Coverage includes: Health... 4th Edition, Aug 2017. 22 pages.


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  7. Botswana & <strong>Namibia</strong> travel guide

    Botswana & Namibia travel guide

    with extraordinary landscapes, Botswana and Namibia unfurl so many African dreams. Lonely Planet will get you to the heart of Botswana & Namibia, with amazing travel experiences and the best planning advice. Lonely Planet Botswana & Namibia is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see... 4th Edition, Aug 2017. 408 pages. 312 colour pages. 65 maps. Also available in digital formats



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  8. Botswana & <strong>Namibia</strong> - Victoria Falls (PDF Chapter)

    Botswana & Namibia - Victoria Falls (PDF Chapter)

    As a magnet for tourists of all descriptions, Victoria Falls is one of Earth’s great spectacles. The sheer power and force of the falls is something that simply does not disappoint. take in... 4th Edition, Aug 2017. 32 pages.


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  9. Lonely Planet's Atlas of Adventure

    Lonely Planet's Atlas of Adventure

    boarding and hiking in Namibia Tramping and black-water rafting in New Zealand Kloofing and paragliding... 1st Edition, Aug 2017. 336 pages. 336 colour pages.


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  10. Lonely Planet's Global Beer Tour - Africa (PDF Chapter)

    Lonely Planet's Global Beer Tour - Africa (PDF Chapter)

    Territories, Lebanon, Namibia and South Africa... 1st Edition, May 2017. 24 pages.


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