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  1. <strong>Japan</strong> - Hiroshima & <strong>Western</strong> <strong>Honshu</strong> (PDF Chapter)

    Japan - Hiroshima & Western Honshu (PDF Chapter)

    , wind-battered coastlines and great hospitality. This is the Hiroshima & Western Honshū chapter from Lonely Planet’s Japan guidebook. Travellers to Western Honshū will find two contrasting coastlines. San... Travellers to Western Honshū will find two contrasting coastlines. San-yō (literally ‘sunny side... 14th Edition, Aug 2015. 66 pages.



  2. <strong>Japan</strong> - Northern <strong>Honshu</strong> (Tohoku) (PDF Chapter)

    Japan - Northern Honshu (Tohoku) (PDF Chapter)

    Tōhoku is Japan’s rugged north, a land of volcanic massifs, remote hot springs, ancient folklore and unique customs. This was a land where nothing much changed, until the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami changed everything. This is the Northern Honshū (Tōhoku) chapter from Lonely Planet’s Japan... 14th Edition, Aug 2015. 69 pages.



  3. <strong>Japan</strong> - The <strong>Japan</strong> Alps & Central <strong>Honshu</strong> (PDF Chapter)

    Japan - The Japan Alps & Central Honshu (PDF Chapter)

    Japan’s heartland in both geography and outlook, Central Honshū (‘Honshū Chūbu’) stretches out between the sprawling leviathans of Greater Tokyo and Kansai. The awesome Japan Alps rise sharply near... & Central Honshū chapter from Lonely Planet’s Japan guidebook. Japan’s heartland in both geography... 14th Edition, Aug 2015. 82 pages.



  4. <strong>Japan</strong> travel guide

    Japan travel guide

    , Tokyo, Mt Fuji, Around Tokyo, The Japan Alps, Central Honshū, Kyoto, Kansai, Hiroshima, Western Honshū... Japan is a world apart - a cultural Galápagos where a unique civilisation blossomed, and today thrives in delicious contrasts of traditional and modern. Its spirit is strong, warm and welcoming. Japan... 14th Edition, Aug 2015. 904 pages. 256 colour pages. 176 maps. Also available in digital formats





  5. Discover <strong>Japan</strong> travel guide

    Discover Japan travel guide

    Lonely Planet Discover Japan is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what... ; all with your trusted travel companion. Discover the best of Japan and begin your journey now! Full... , art, architecture, onsen, ryokan Over 50 color maps Covers: Tokyo, Japan Alps, Nara, Miyajima, Kyoto... 3rd Edition, Nov 2015. 416 pages. 416 colour pages. 52 maps.



  6. From the Source - <strong>Japan</strong> (Cookbook)

    From the Source - Japan (Cookbook)

    Lonely Planet presents 60 of Japan’s most authentic dishes - direct from the kitchens where they were perfected. From street-food vendors to Michelin-starred chefs, Japan’s best local cooks share their passion for food and 60 of their region’s classic recipes – from steaming soups and silky ramen noodles... 1st Edition, Aug 2016. 272 pages. 272 colour pages.



  7. <strong>Japan</strong> guidebook Bundle (Print only)

    Japan guidebook Bundle (Print only)

    Save 30% when you buy the Bundle! Plan the perfect trip to Japan with three great titles for one great price. Bundle includes Japan Travel Guide, Tokyo city guide and Japanese phrasebook. See below for more detail on individual titles. *Please note: The 30% off bundles are not eligible for any further...


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  8. From the Source <strong>Japan</strong> + FREE From the Source Thailand

    From the Source Japan + FREE From the Source Thailand

    Buy From the Source Japan and get From the Source Thailand FREE! Limited time only. See above for more information on individual titles. Please note that this discounted bundle is not eligible for any further discounts....



  9. <strong>Western</strong> Europe Phrasebook

    Western Europe Phrasebook

    One of the most rewarding things about travelling through Western Europe is the rich variety... of very different languages. Most languages spoken in Western Europe, including English, belong to what... travelling through Western Europe is the rich variety of cuisine, customs, architecture and history... 5th Edition, Jan 2013. 465 pages. Also available in digital formats





  10. <strong>Western</strong> Europe travel guide

    Western Europe travel guide

    Western Europe’s intricate tapestry of countries and cultures is woven together by rich history; artistic, architectural and culinary treasures; enduring traditions and cutting-edge trends. Western... to the heart of Western Europe, with amazing travel experiences and the best planning advice: inspirational... 12th Edition, Sep 2015. 704 pages. 64 colour pages. 95 maps. Also available in digital formats





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