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  1. New <strong>England</strong>'s Best Trips  - Maine (Chapter)

    New England's Best Trips - Maine (Chapter)

    A coastal drive here will swoosh by shipbuilding villages, Acadia National Park and first-in-nation sunrises. And we haven’t even mentioned the lighthouses and lobster shacks. Inland, scen... 2nd Edition, Jan 2013. 69 pages.



  2. New <strong>England</strong>'s Best Trips  - Massachusetts (Chapter)

    New England's Best Trips - Massachusetts (Chapter)

    Fuel up – you have a lot to do. These road trips show off four centuries of dramatic history, rich displays of artistry and creativity, a tantalizing spread of gourmet specialties, and thr... 2nd Edition, Jan 2013. 62 pages.



  3. New <strong>England</strong>'s Best Trips  - New Hampshire (Chapter)

    New England's Best Trips - New Hampshire (Chapter)

    The best thing about a trip through the Granite State? The whole place is one scenic attraction. You don’t need to drive to get to the good stuff, because it is the good stuff: lofty peaks... 2nd Edition, Jan 2013. 58 pages.



  4. New <strong>England</strong>'s Best Trips  - Plan Your Trip & New <strong>England</strong> Driving Guide (Chapter)

    New England's Best Trips - Plan Your Trip & New England Driving Guide (Chapter)

    Start your planning here. We reveal the ultimate road-trip list for New England PLUS... . We reveal the ultimate road-trip list for New England PLUS the highlights you’ll discover on the way... to New England, Classic Trips, Highlights, If You Like…, Need to Know, City Guide, New England Driving... 2nd Edition, Jan 2013. 22 pages.



  5. New <strong>England</strong>'s Best Trips  - Vermont (Chapter)

    New England's Best Trips - Vermont (Chapter)

    For anyone who appreciates slow-paced meandering and nonstop scenic beauty, Vermont is paradise. With outdoor adventures, vibrant local arts, photogenic villages and great microbreweries a... 2nd Edition, Jan 2013. 58 pages.



  6. New <strong>England</strong> travel guide

    New England travel guide

    Come to New England to mount spectacular summits and to feel the ocean breeze. Come to tantalize... to New England to mount spectacular summits and to feel the ocean breeze. Come to tantalize your taste... Plus special features on New England Literature and Outdoor Activities Coverage includes: Planning... 7th Edition, Feb 2014. 456 pages. 32 colour pages. 59 maps. Also available in digital formats





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  7. New <strong>England</strong> - Understand New <strong>England</strong> & Survival Guide (Chapter)

    New England - Understand New England & Survival Guide (Chapter)

    guide and glossary. This chapter contains the New England Today, History, New England Literature, Back... Planet’s New England guidebook. All the info you need on everything from history, culture and activities... as handy language guide and glossary. a rundown on New England’s skiing, kayaking and hiking spots info... 7th Edition, Feb 2014. 42 pages.



  8. New <strong>England</strong> - Vermont (Chapter)

    New England - Vermont (Chapter)

    Whether seen under blankets of snow, patchworks of blazing fall leaves or the exuberant greens of spring and summer, Vermont’s blend of bucolic farmland, mountains and picturesque small villages make it one of America’s most appealing states. This is the Vermont chapter from Lonely Planet’s New England... 7th Edition, Feb 2014. 47 pages.



  9. Pocket London

    Pocket London

    London has something for everyone, from art to grand museums, dazzling architecture, royalty, diversity, glorious parks and irrepressible pizazz. It’s immersed in history, but London is al... 4th Edition, Feb 2014. 224 pages. 25 maps.



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  10. Scotland - Southern Scotland (Chapter)

    Scotland - Southern Scotland (Chapter)

    old life on the England-Scotland frontier at desolate Hermitage Castle restaurants & accommodation... 8th Edition, Jan 2015. 40 pages.



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