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  1. <strong>Puerto</strong> <strong>Rico</strong> - North Coast (Chapter)

    Puerto Rico - North Coast (Chapter)

    . This is the North Coast chapter from Lonely Planet’s Puerto Rico guidebook. Veering from a manicured coast of plush... 6th Edition, Sep 2014. 18 pages.


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  2. Latin American Spanish Phrasebook

    Latin American Spanish Phrasebook

    Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Colombia, Equador, Peru... 7th Edition, Apr 2015. 272 pages.


    USD$9.99 SAVE $1.00

  3. Discover Caribbean Islands

    Discover Caribbean Islands

    Rocked by music, rolled by change, lapped by turquoise waters, blown by hurricanes – the Caribbean is a lively and intoxicating profusion of people and places spread over 7000 islands (few... 1st Edition, Oct 2014. 480 pages. 480 colour pages. 58 maps. Also available in digital formats



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  4. Buenos Aires city guide

    Buenos Aires city guide

    , Street Art and Literature & Cinema Coverage includes: Plan Your Trip, The Center, Puerto Madero... 7th Edition, Jul 2014. 256 pages. 256 colour pages. 33 maps. Also available in digital formats



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    USD$21.99 SAVE $8.14

  5. Buenos Aires - The Center & <strong>Puerto</strong> Madero (Chapter)

    Buenos Aires - The Center & Puerto Madero (Chapter)

    This is the Center & Puerto Madero chapter from Lonely Planet's Buenos Aires guidebook. Buenos Aires’ Center is where bustle meets hustle and lines of business suits rush along the narrow streets in the shadow of skyscrapers and old European buildings. BA’s youngest and least conventional barrio, Puerto... 7th Edition, Jul 2014. 20 pages.


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  6. Philippines - Palawan (Chapter)

    Philippines - Palawan (Chapter)

    Centrally located Puerto Princesa (Puerto) is the culinary capital and primary gateway to nearby... group. This is the Palawan chapter from Lonely Planet’s Philippines guidebook. Centrally located Puerto Princesa (Puerto) is the culinary capital and primary gateway to nearby rural and oceanfront tranquillity... 12th Edition, Apr 2015. 35 pages.


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  7. Chile & Easter Island - Northern Patagonia (Chapter)

    Chile & Easter Island - Northern Patagonia (Chapter)

    , Reserva Nacional Cerro Castillo, Villa Cerro Castillo, Puerto Ingeniero Ibáñez, Chile Chico, Reserva Nacional Jeinimeni, Puerto Río Tranquilo, Cruce el Maitén, Puerto Guadal, Puerto Bertrand & the Baker River... 10th Edition, Sep 2015. 33 pages.


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  8. Argentina - Patagonia (Chapter)

    Argentina - Patagonia (Chapter)

    & accommodation Coverage includes: Coastal Patagonia, Puerto Madryn, Around Puerto Madryn, Coastal Río Negro... Punta Tombo, Camarones, Cabo Dos Bahías, Comodoro Rivadavia, Puerto Deseado, Reserva Natural Ría Deseado & Parque Interjurisdiccional Marino Isla Pingüino, Monumento Natural Bosques Petrificados, Puerto San... 9th Edition, Jul 2014. 91 pages.


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  9. Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands - South Coast (Chapter)

    Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands - South Coast (Chapter)

    Coverage includes: Guayaquil, Bosque Protector Cerro Blanco, Ruta Spondylus, Puerto López, Parque Nacional Machalilla, South of Puerto López, Olón, Montañita, Santa Elena Peninsula to Guayaquil, Salinas, Playas, South of Guayaquil, Reserva Ecológica Manglares Churute, Machala, Puerto Bolívar & Jambelí, Zaruma... 10th Edition, Jul 2015. 37 pages.


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  10. Costa Rica - Caribbean Coast (Chapter)

    Costa Rica - Caribbean Coast (Chapter)

    on the beach and partying in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca transportation visiting cacao farms and indigenous... Braulio Carrillo, Guápiles & Around, Cariari, Siquirres, Puerto Limón, Moín, Northern Caribbean, Parismina... , Southern Caribbean, Reserva Biológica Hitoy-Cerere, Cahuita, Parque Nacional Ca-huita, Puerto Viejo de... 11th Edition, Sep 2014. 53 pages.


    USD$4.95 SAVE $0.49

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