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  1. Venice & The <strong>Veneto</strong> city guide

    Venice & The Veneto city guide

    your trip unique PLUS First Time Venice, Like a Local, Shakespeare’s Veneto Coverage includes: Plan... Islands, Understand Venice & the Veneto, and Survival Guide.... 8th Edition, Oct 2013. 328 pages. Also available in digital formats



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  2. Italy - Venice & the <strong>Veneto</strong> (Chapter)

    Italy - Venice & the Veneto (Chapter)

    and golden domes. Instead you’re in Venice, and all five senses never felt so alert. Scan the Veneto... & the Veneto chapter from Lonely Planet’s Italy guidebook. Pinch yourself, and you might expect to awaken from... felt so alert. Scan the Veneto coastline, and you might spot signs of modern life: beach resorts, malls... 11th Edition, Jan 2014. 71 pages.


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  3. Venice & the <strong>Veneto</strong> - Day Trips (Chapter)

    Venice & the Veneto - Day Trips (Chapter)

    of the Veneto’s most under-appreciated areas. Verona: Romeo and Juliet were fictional, but Verona’s real history is evidenced by its Roman arena, Romanesque churches and Renaissance gardens. Verona’s Wine Country... Palladania. This is the Day Trips from Venice chapter from Lonely Planet's Venice & the Veneto guidebook... 8th Edition, Oct 2013. 29 pages.


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  4. Discover Italy travel guide

    Discover Italy travel guide

    , Venice, Veneto, Bologna, Florence, Tuscany, Umbria, Naples, Pompeii, the Amalfifi Coast, Sicily, Southern... 3rd Edition, Mar 2014. 416 pages. 47 maps.


    USD$24.99 SAVE $2.50

  5. Italy travel guide

    Italy travel guide

    , the Dolomites, Venice, the Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Emilia-Romagna,San Marino, Florence, Tuscany, Umbria... 11th Edition, Jan 2014. 976 pages. 137 maps. Also available in digital formats



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