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  1. Eastern Europe Bundle

    Eastern Europe Bundle

    Save 30% when you buy the Bundle! Plan the perfect trip to Eastern Europe with three great titles for one great price. Bundle contains the Eastern Europe travel guide, Berlin travel guide ...


    USD$62.97 SAVE $18.89

  2. Eastern Europe travel guide

    Eastern Europe travel guide

    , Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia... 12th Edition, Sep 2013. 1016 pages. 32 colour pages. 132 maps. Also available in digital formats



  3. Europe on a Shoestring travel guide

    Europe on a Shoestring travel guide

    , Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Scandinavia... 8th Edition, Sep 2013. 1264 pages. 64 colour pages. 186 maps. Also available in digital formats



  4. Estonia, Latvia & <strong>Lithuania</strong> travel guide

    Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania travel guide

    : Planning chapters, Helsinki Excursion, Kaliningrad Excursion, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Understand... 6th Edition, May 2012. 440 pages. 38 colour pages. 70 maps. Also available in digital formats



  5. Baltic Phrasebook

    Baltic Phrasebook

    Iðgeriam! or Iki dugno! In Lithuania. Packed with tips and cultural information, this handy phrasebook will help you make the most of your Baltic travel adventure. Pack this phrasebook for: Lithuania, Latvia... 3rd Edition, Aug 2013. 288 pages.



  6. Eastern Europe - <strong>Lithuania</strong> (Chapter)

    Eastern Europe - Lithuania (Chapter)

    –Z, Transport, Vilnius & around, Paneriai, Trakai, Kernave, Eastern Lithuania, Southern Lithuania, Aukštaitija... Lithuania has much to offer. Those with a passion for baroque architecture, ancient castles... and forests beckon fresh-air fiends. This is the Lithuania chapter from Lonely Planet's Eastern Europe... 12th Edition, Sep 2013. 36 pages.



  7. Estonia, Latvia & <strong>Lithuania</strong> - Estonia (Chapter)

    Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania - Estonia (Chapter)

    & Lithuania guidebook.Estonia is completely unique. Europe has fallen head-over-heels for the charms... 6th Edition, May 2012. 129 pages.



  8. Estonia, Latvia & <strong>Lithuania</strong> - Helsinki Excursion (Chapter)

    Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania - Helsinki Excursion (Chapter)

    Harbour-side Helsinki melds graciously into the Baltic; half the city is liquid, and the writhing of the complex coastline includes any number of bays, inlets and a speckling of islands. This is the Helsinki Excursion chapter from Lonely Planet’s Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania guidebook.Harbour-side Helsinki melds... 6th Edition, May 2012. 12 pages.



  9. Estonia, Latvia & <strong>Lithuania</strong> - Kaliningrad Excursion (Chapter)

    Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania - Kaliningrad Excursion (Chapter)

    & Lithuania guidebook.Inside Russia’s smallest territory you’ll find all the traditions of the big parent... 6th Edition, May 2012. 9 pages.



  10. Estonia, Latvia & <strong>Lithuania</strong> - Latvia (Chapter)

    Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania - Latvia (Chapter)

    Tucked between Estonia and Lithuania, Latvia is the meat of the Baltic sandwich: the country’s under-the-radar profile makes it the perfect pit stop for those seeking something a bit more authentic... , Latvia & Lithuania guidebook.Tucked between Estonia and Lithuania, Latvia is the meat of the Baltic... 6th Edition, May 2012. 93 pages.



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