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  1. From the Source Spain + FREE From the Source <strong>Italy</strong>

    From the Source Spain + FREE From the Source Italy

    Buy From the Source Spain and get From the Source Italy FREE! Limited time only. See above for more information on individual titles. Please note that this discounted bundle is not eligible for any further discounts....



  2. Southern <strong>Italy</strong> travel guide

    Southern Italy travel guide

    Lonely Planet Southern Italy is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Italy’s north may have the euros, but the south has the soul. Beautifully sun-bleached, weathered and worn, this is Italy at its most ancient... 3rd Edition, Feb 2016. 296 pages. 296 colour pages. 43 maps. Also available in digital formats



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  3. Venice & the <strong>Veneto</strong> - Cannaregio (PDF Chapter)

    Venice & the Veneto - Cannaregio (PDF Chapter)

    Cannaregio is a well-balanced residential neighbourhood of unpretentious, patrician palazzi (mansions), picturesque canals and quiet campi (squares). Like a middle-aged, hipster aunt, it als... 9th Edition, Dec 2015. 25 pages.


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  4. Venice & the <strong>Veneto</strong> - Castello (PDF Chapter)

    Venice & the Veneto - Castello (PDF Chapter)

    Stretching eastwards from San Marco, Castello is a sprawling neighbourhood and exploring its entirety in one day will test your walking shoes. You’re most likely to hear the Venetian dialect... 9th Edition, Dec 2015. 32 pages.


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  5. Venice & the <strong>Veneto</strong> - Dorsoduro (PDF Chapter)

    Venice & the Veneto - Dorsoduro (PDF Chapter)

    Sites in Dorsoduro are spread out; museums flank the Grand Canal on the east side, bars and upbeat eateries rustle around Campo Santa Margherita and Campo San Barnaba to the northwest. get ... 9th Edition, Dec 2015. 26 pages.


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  6. Venice & the <strong>Veneto</strong> - Giudecca, Lido & the Southern Islands (PDF Chapter)

    Venice & the Veneto - Giudecca, Lido & the Southern Islands (PDF Chapter)

    Other cities have suburban sprawl; Venice has medieval monasteries floating in teal-blue waters. To the south, the seaward side of the lagoon is sheltered from the Adriatic by the Lido, for ... 9th Edition, Dec 2015. 24 pages.


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  7. Venice & the <strong>Veneto</strong> - Murano, Burano & the Northern Islands (PDF Chapter)

    Venice & the Veneto - Murano, Burano & the Northern Islands (PDF Chapter)

    A multitude of small islands dot the northern lagoon like shards of green glass splintering off the mainland. Here, the glass workshops of Murano have conjured writhing chandeliers, swirling... 9th Edition, Dec 2015. 26 pages.


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  8. Venice & the <strong>Veneto</strong> - Plan your trip (PDF Chapter)

    Venice & the Veneto - Plan your trip (PDF Chapter)

    Your journey to Venice & the Veneto starts here. You’ll find the tools to plan your adventure: where to go and when, how much to budget, plus in-depth info on Venetian cuisine. list of highlights and best experiences detailed information and recommendations for eating, drinking and shopping everything... 9th Edition, Dec 2015. 44 pages.


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  9. Venice & the <strong>Veneto</strong> - San Marco (PDF Chapter)

    Venice & the Veneto - San Marco (PDF Chapter)

    The San Marco neighbourhood is Venice’s oldest and most famous. With the palace, prisons, government offices, mint and library crowding around the basilica, Piazza San Marco was the fulcrum ... 9th Edition, Dec 2015. 36 pages.


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  10. Venice & the <strong>Veneto</strong> - San Polo & Santa Croce (PDF Chapter)

    Venice & the Veneto - San Polo & Santa Croce (PDF Chapter)

    Shop backstreet galleries and artisan studios all the way to the Rialto Market, where glistening purple octopus and feathery red radicchio treviso (chicory) present Technicolor photo-ops, be... 9th Edition, Dec 2015. 34 pages.


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