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  1. Africa - <strong>Djibouti</strong> (PDF Chapter)

    Africa - Djibouti (PDF Chapter)

    This is the Djibouti chapter from Lonely Planet’s Africa guidebook. Djibouti packs a big punch... whale sharks in the Gulf of Tadjoura. Stays in the hinterland provide a fascinating glimpse into rural life. catch local vibes while wandering through the animated streets of Djibouti City. maps dive... 13th Edition, Oct 2013. 13 pages.


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  2. Ethiopia & <strong>Djibouti</strong> - <strong>Djibouti</strong> (PDF Chapter)

    Ethiopia & Djibouti - Djibouti (PDF Chapter)

    through the animated streets of Djibouti City, and enjoy its culinary delights maps descend to Lac Assal... , with hundreds of spikelike lime-stone chimneys restaurants & accommodation Coverage includes: Djibouti City & Around, Lac Assal, Lac Abbé, Goda Mountains, Plage des Sables Blancs, Tadjoura, Obock, Understand... 6th Edition, Aug 2017. 28 pages.


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