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  1. <strong>Indonesia</strong> - <strong>Sumatra</strong> (Chapter)

    Indonesia - Sumatra (Chapter)

    This is the Sumatra chapter from Lonely Planet’s Indonesia guidebook. Few isles tempt the imagination with the lure of adventure quite like the fierce land of Sumatra. An island of extraordinary... your desert island paradise among the Banyak Islands and snorkel Sumatra’s best reefs restaurants... 11th Edition, Jun 2016. 96 pages.



  2. <strong>Indonesia</strong> travel guide

    Indonesia travel guide

    Indonesia is the world’s best adventure; its beauty as diverse as the people. You can have world... to the heart of Indonesia, with amazing travel experiences and the best planning advice. Lonely Planet Indonesia is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden... 11th Edition, Jun 2016. 820 pages. 64 colour pages. Also available in digital formats





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  3. Southeast Asia on a Shoestring - <strong>Indonesia</strong> (Chapter)

    Southeast Asia on a Shoestring - Indonesia (Chapter)

    Indonesia’s natural diversity is staggering and alluring, from snow-capped peaks, sandalwood forests and dense jungle to impossibly green rice paddies. This is the Indonesia chapter from Lonely Planet’s Southeast Asia guidebook. Indonesia’s natural diversity is staggering and alluring, from snow... 17th Edition, Jul 2014. 162 pages.



  4. Indonesian phrasebook

    Indonesian phrasebook

    Indonesian, or Bahasa Indonesia as it’s known to the locals, is the official language of the Republic of Indonesia. Indonesian, and its closest relative Malay, both developed from Old Malay, an Austronesian language spoken in the kingdom of Srivijaya on the island of Sumatra. Indonesian, or Bahasa... 6th Edition, Aug 2012. 256 pages.



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