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  1. Tales from Nowhere

    Tales from Nowhere

    with an open heart and an open mind, travel will take us places we never planned to go, and enrich and enlighten us in ways we never otherwise would have known. Featuring stories by: Athony Satiin • Danny... 2nd Edition, Mar 2011. 288 pages.



  2. The Best Place to be Today

    The Best Place to be Today

    cherry blossom party (26 March, in case you’re wondering). Or when best to raft the Colorado River... 1st Edition, Aug 2014. 272 pages. Also available in digital formats





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  3. The Kindness of Strangers

    The Kindness of Strangers

    and perhaps least expected. I am sure they will inspire everyone who reads them, encouraging each of us... The Kindness of Strangers is a wonderful companion for travel. It enlarges us, reminds us that serendipity... 2nd Edition, Jul 2008. 272 pages.



  4. The Lonely Planet Travel Anthology (paperback)

    The Lonely Planet Travel Anthology (paperback)

    and teaches us, making us aware that we are resilient, that we are not alone, and that there is so much love... 1st Edition, Oct 2016. 320 pages.



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