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  1. Hong Kong - Hong Kong Island: Aberdeen & the South (PDF Chapter)

    Hong Kong - Hong Kong Island: Aberdeen & the South (PDF Chapter)

    This is the Hong Kong Island: Aberdeen & the South chapter from Lonely Planet’s Hong Kong guidebook. The southern district is not only a showcase of history – Pok Fu Lam has the island’s last surviving village alongside vestiges of a Victorian dairy – but Aberdeen and Ap Lei Chau are also the homes of Hong Kong... 17th Edition, Apr 2017. 20 pages.



  2. Iceland - North Iceland (PDF Chapter)

    Iceland - North Iceland (PDF Chapter)

    , Mývatn Region, Reykjahlíð, Eastern Mývatn, Southern Mývatn, Western Mývatn, Northern Mývatn, Krafla... 10th Edition, Apr 2017. 64 pages.



  3. Iceland - Understand Iceland and Survival Guide (PDF Chapter)

    Iceland - Understand Iceland and Survival Guide (PDF Chapter)

    & the Sturlung Age, Enter the Danes, Even More Misery, Return to Independence, WWII & the USA Moves In, Modern... 10th Edition, Apr 2017. 62 pages.



  4. Iceland - West Iceland (PDF Chapter)

    Iceland - West Iceland (PDF Chapter)

    National Park, Southern Snæfellsnes, Dalir, Eiríksstaðir, Búðardalur, Hjarðarholt & Around and Laugar.... 10th Edition, Apr 2017. 26 pages.



  5. Marco's Maze Mission (North & Latin <strong>America</strong> Edition)

    Marco's Maze Mission (North & Latin America Edition)

    Get ready for an a-maze-ing mission around the world! Brilliant but absent-minded photographer Geronimo Keats is back from the trip of a lifetime. The only problem is, his possessions... are... 1st Edition, Apr 2017. 96 pages. 96 colour pages.



  6. 50 Natural Wonders to Blow Your Mind

    50 Natural Wonders to Blow Your Mind

    caves magically lit by thousands of glowworms. Marvel at the sheer scale and beauty of the USA’s Grand... , breathtaking waterfalls, staggering geology and spectacular vestiges of our prehistoric past all remind us... to be, some landscapes still leave us utterly perplexed. This is the mystery and the majesty... 1st Edition, Apr 2017. 128 pages. 128 colour pages.



  7. Shanghai - Understand & Survival Guide (PDF Chapter)

    Shanghai - Understand & Survival Guide (PDF Chapter)

    the qípáo (cheongsam) can teach us all a thing or two about aesthetics info on whether Shànghǎi is the city... 8th Edition, Apr 2017. 69 pages.



  8. Taiwan - <strong>Southern</strong> Taiwan (PDF Chapter)

    Taiwan - Southern Taiwan (PDF Chapter)

    This is the Southern Taiwan chapter from Lonely Planet’s Taiwan guidebook. Southern Taiwan is a land of timeless rituals and strong folk culture. The calendar is chock-full of some of Taiwan’s most... capital maps enjoy jazz, contemporary art and nouveau southern cuisine in Kaohsiung, the south’s most... 10th Edition, Apr 2017. 47 pages.



  9. Taiwan travel guide

    Taiwan travel guide

    , Southern Taiwan, Taiwan’s Islands, Understand and Survival chapters.... 10th Edition, Apr 2017. 400 pages. 96 colour pages. 78 maps. Also available in digital formats





  10. Backyard Explorer (North & Latin <strong>America</strong> Edition)

    Backyard Explorer (North & Latin America Edition)

    The best adventures start at home! You don’t need to trek to the South Pole or hack your way through a rainforest to explore our wonderful world. Your own backyard is just waiting to be disc... 1st Edition, Apr 2017. 72 pages. 72 colour pages.



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