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34 results for "sintra^2 or Portugal"

  1. Pocket Madeira

    Pocket Madeira

    Lonely Planet Pocket Madeira is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Admire Se cathedral, wander awe-struck t... 1st Edition, Nov 2015. 160 pages. 160 colour pages. 15 maps.


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  2. Pocket Porto

    Pocket Porto

    Lonely Planet's Pocket Porto is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Gaze over the city from the historic hil... 1st Edition, Aug 2015. 160 pages. 160 colour pages. 16 maps.


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  3. Europe phrasebook

    Europe phrasebook

    Lonely Planet's Europe Phrasebook & Language guide is your handy passport to culturally enriching travels with relevant travel phrases and vocabulary. Organized by language, this pocket-size... 5th Edition, Aug 2015. 456 pages. 456 colour pages. 12 maps. Also available in digital formats



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  4. Portuguese Phrasebook

    Portuguese Phrasebook

    If it’s true that language is the door to a nation’s soul, you might get a little closer to grasping the saudade by having a go at speaking Portuguese. If it’s true that language is the door... 3rd Edition, Apr 2012. 256 pages.


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  5. Europe on a Shoestring - Spain & <strong>Portugal</strong> (Chapter)

    Europe on a Shoestring - Spain & Portugal (Chapter)

    This is the Spain & Portugal chapter from Lonely Planet’s Europe on a Shoestring guidebook. Beyond... , Málaga, Ronda, Spain Survival Guide, Portugal, Lisbon, The Algarve, Évora, Óbidos, Nazaré, Coimbra, Porto, Braga, Parque Nacional da Peneda-Gerês, Portugal Survival Guide.... 9th Edition, Sep 2016. 100 pages.


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  6. Europe - <strong>Portugal</strong> (Chapter)

    Europe - Portugal (Chapter)

    : Lisbon & around, Sintra, Cascais, The Algarve, Faro, Tavira, Lagos, Silves, Sagres, Central Portugal... -night partying are just the beginning. This is the Portugal chapter from Lonely Planet’s Europe guidebook... 1st Edition, Sep 2015. 36 pages.


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  7. Europe's Best Trips - <strong>Portugal</strong> (Chapter)

    Europe's Best Trips - Portugal (Chapter)

    Portugal’s mix of the medieval and the maritime makes it a superb place to visit. A turbulent history involving the Moors, Spain and Napoleon has left the interior scattered with walled medieval towns topped by castles. discover a heartbreakingly beautiful river valley laced with vines producing... 1st Edition, Feb 2017. 30 pages.


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  8. <strong>Portugal</strong> - Estremadura & Ribatejo (Chapter)

    Portugal - Estremadura & Ribatejo (Chapter)

    Stretching from the Rio Tejo to the Atlantic Ocean, Estremadura and Ribatejo constitute Portugal’s heartland, but their central importance goes beyond geography. These fertile lands have formed the backdrop for every major chapter in Portuguese history. travel back in time at an awe-inspiring monastery in Batalha... 10th Edition, Feb 2017. 37 pages.


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  9. <strong>Portugal</strong> - Lisbon & Around (Chapter)

    Portugal - Lisbon & Around (Chapter)

    and restaurants of elegant Chiado restaurants & accommodation Coverage includes: Lisbon, Sintra, Cascais, Estoril... 10th Edition, Feb 2017. 92 pages.


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  10. <strong>Portugal</strong> - Plan your trip (Chapter)

    Portugal - Plan your trip (Chapter)

    This chapter contains the Welcome to Portugal, Portugal’s Top 25, Need to Know, First Time Portugal, If You Like, Month by Month, Itineraries, Portugal Outdoors, Eat & Drink Like a Local and Regions at a Glance chapters from Lonely Planet’s Portugal guidebook. Your journey to Portugal starts here. You... 10th Edition, Feb 2017. 56 pages.


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