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  1. Chicago - Hyde Park & South <strong>Side</strong> (Chapter)

    Chicago - Hyde Park & South Side (Chapter)

    Don’t be put off by the distance of these southern neighborhoods from downtown. They’re all easy to reach by public transportation, especially Hyde Park, and the sights, bookstores, bars and... 8th Edition, Jan 2017. 31 pages.


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  2. Chicago - Near West <strong>Side</strong> & Pilsen (Chapter)

    Chicago - Near West Side & Pilsen (Chapter)

    Just west of the Loop is, well, the West Loop. This booming area is akin to New York City’s Meatpacking District, with chic restaurants, clubs and galleries poking out between meat-processin... 8th Edition, Jan 2017. 31 pages.


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  3. Chicago - South Loop & Near South <strong>Side</strong> (Chapter)

    Chicago - South Loop & Near South Side (Chapter)

    What you’ll see when you come to the South Loop, where the Field Museum, the Shedd Aquarium and Adler Planetarium sit side by side on the lakeshore – is a whole lot of shiny newness. size up Sue the T-rex, the towering totem poles and magnificent mummies at the Field Museum of Natural History, one... 8th Edition, Jan 2017. 29 pages.


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  4. New York City - East Village & Lower East <strong>Side</strong> (Chapter)

    New York City - East Village & Lower East Side (Chapter)

    of early immigrants at the brilliantly curated Lower East Side Tenement Museum transport pass knickknack... , Getting There & Away, Sights: Lower East Side Tenement Museum, New Museum of Contemporary Art, St Marks... 10th Edition, Jul 2016. 46 pages.


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  5. New York City - Upper East <strong>Side</strong> (Chapter)

    New York City - Upper East Side (Chapter)

    There are infinite ways to tackle this large, well-moneyed neighborhood. Begin with a walk south down Fifth Ave, starting at about 96th St. This will take you down storied Museum Mile, which... 10th Edition, Jul 2016. 38 pages.


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  6. New York City - Upper West <strong>Side</strong> & Central Park (Chapter)

    New York City - Upper West Side & Central Park (Chapter)

    New York’s antidote to the endless stretches of concrete, Central Park is a verdant escape from honking horns and sunless sidewalks. Lining the park with inspired residential towers, the Upper West Side is home to the Lincoln Center. escape the city’s frantic urban madness with a day spent picnicking... 10th Edition, Jul 2016. 39 pages.


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  7. <strong>Turkey</strong> travel guide

    Turkey travel guide

    Lonely Planet Turkey is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see... to the heart of Turkey and begin your journey now! Inside Lonely Planet Turkey: Full-colour maps and images... , landscapes, wildlife, environmental issues Free, convenient pull-out Turkey map (included in print version... 15th Edition, Jan 2017. 640 pages. 640 colour pages. Also available in digital formats



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  8. Middle East - <strong>Turkey</strong> (Chapter)

    Middle East - Turkey (Chapter)

    Steeped in age-old culture but imbued with a contemporary go-getting pulse, Turkey defies being pinned down and is the perfect introduction to the Middle East. This is the Turkey chapter from Lonely Planet’s Middle East guidebook. Turkey is where Asia and Europe meet and meld together. The ‘bridge... 8th Edition, Aug 2015. 86 pages.


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  9. <strong>Turkey</strong> - Antalya & the Turquoise Coast (Chapter)

    Turkey - Antalya & the Turquoise Coast (Chapter)

    and Side.... 15th Edition, Jan 2017. 59 pages.


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  10. Discover New York City travel guide

    Discover New York City travel guide

    , convenient pull-out New York City map Covers: Manhattan, Soho, Chinatown, East Village, Lower East Side... 4th Edition, Jul 2016. 258 pages. 258 colour pages.


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