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  1. Japan - <strong>Sapporo</strong> & <strong>Hokkaido</strong> (PDF Chapter)

    Japan - Sapporo & Hokkaido (PDF Chapter)

    ), and experience its offerings at their own pace. Enjoy it at your leisure. This is the Sapporo & Hokkaidō chapter from Lonely Planet’s Japan guidebook. Hokkaidō defies the image of Japan as a crowded nation. It... : Sapporo, Southern Hokkaidō, Hakodate & around, Ōnuma Regional Park, Central Hokkaidō, Otaru, Niseko... 14th Edition, Aug 2015. 69 pages.


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  2. Japanese Phrasebook and Audio CD

    Japanese Phrasebook and Audio CD

    Lonely Planet's Japanese Phrasebook & Audio CD is your handy passport to culturally enriching travels with the most relevant and useful Japanese phrases and vocabulary for all your travel ... 3rd Edition, Sep 2015. 272 pages. 272 colour pages.


    USD$12.99 SAVE $4.29

  3. Japan travel guide

    Japan travel guide

    , Northern Honshū (Tōhoku), Sapporo, Hokkaidō, Shikoku, Kyūshū, Okinawa, the Southwest Islands, Understand... 14th Edition, Aug 2015. 904 pages. 256 colour pages. 176 maps. Also available in digital formats



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    USD$20.99 SAVE $6.93

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