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  1. Buenos Aires city guide - 8th edition

    Buenos Aires city guide - 8th edition

    : Puerto Madero, Congreso & Tribunales, San Telmo, La Boca, Retiro, Recoleta, Barrio Norte, Palmero... 8th Edition, Jul 2017. 256 pages. 256 colour pages. 33 maps. Also available in digital formats



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  2. Buenos Aires - Day Trips from Buenos Aires (PDF Chapter)

    Buenos Aires - Day Trips from Buenos Aires (PDF Chapter)

    and they can all be completed in a day. Must-sees include Tigre & the Delta and San Isidro. take a laid... market are pluses enjoy spectacular river views and visit several worthwhile museums in affluent San Isidro explore the serene pampas village of San Antonio de Areco and its historic buildings visit Colonia... 8th Edition, Jul 2017. 24 pages.


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  3. Buenos Aires - Retiro (PDF Chapter)

    Buenos Aires - Retiro (PDF Chapter)

    Retiro is a compact neighborhood most easily seen on foot. Wander around the Plaza San Martín area or join the crowds on pedestrian Calle Florida and follow it into the Center; Reconquista, another pedestrian street, is perfect for a lunch or coffee break. wander around the grand Plaza San Martín and get... 8th Edition, Jul 2017. 19 pages.


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  4. Buenos Aires - <strong>San</strong> Telmo (PDF Chapter)

    Buenos Aires - San Telmo (PDF Chapter)

    Everyone is drawn to Plaza Dorrego, the heart and soul of San Telmo. It’s a nice leafy place to snag an outdoor table and have a coffee or meal; on Sundays the Feria de Sal Telmo takes over the square. jostle with fellow shoppers at Feria de San Telmo, the Sunday fair, where vendors sell all... 8th Edition, Jul 2017. 25 pages.


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  5. Buenos Aires - The Center (PDF Chapter)

    Buenos Aires - The Center (PDF Chapter)

    Stretching from Retiro to San Telmo and encompassing Microcentro and Montserrat, this is the heart and brain of the city. Plaza de Mayo is a good place to start, with the Casa Rosada presidential palace and the Museo Casa Rosada. hang out at Plaza de Mayo, BA’s historic heart surrounded by some of the city’s most... 8th Edition, Jul 2017. 26 pages.


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  6. From the Source - <strong>Mexico</strong> (Cookbook)

    From the Source - Mexico (Cookbook)

    Lonely Planet presents Mexico’s most authentic dishes, direct from the kitchens where they were perfected. From street-food vendors to Michelin-starred chefs, Mexico’s best local cooks share their passion for food and 60 of their region’s classic recipes – from steaming sopa de lima to zesty, spicy salsas... 1st Edition, Jul 2017. 288 pages. 288 colour pages.


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  7. Japan - Hiroshima & Western Honshu (PDF Chapter)

    Japan - Hiroshima & Western Honshu (PDF Chapter)

    Travellers to Western Honshū will find a tale of two coastlines. San-yō boasts the bigger cities and the indelibly scarred Hiroshima. On the other side of the mountain range, San-in is all about an unhurried pace... Islands, Matsue, Sakai Minato, Oki Islands, Daisen, Tottori, San-in Coast National Park, Izumo, Iwami... 15th Edition, Jul 2017. 67 pages.


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  8. Japan - Kansai (PDF Chapter)

    Japan - Kansai (PDF Chapter)

    : Osaka, Kōbe, Himeji, Nara & Around, Kii Peninsula, Kōya-san, Ise-Shima, Shiga Prefecture, Ōtsu, Hikone... 15th Edition, Jul 2017. 76 pages.


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  9. Japan - Kyushu (PDF Chapter)

    Japan - Kyushu (PDF Chapter)

    , Kumamoto, Aso-san & Around, Kurokawa Onsen, Yufuin, Beppu, Usuki, Takachiho, Kagoshima, Sakurajima... 15th Edition, Jul 2017. 73 pages.


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  10. Japan - Northern Honshu (Tohoku) (PDF Chapter)

    Japan - Northern Honshu (Tohoku) (PDF Chapter)

    & Ōtsuchi, Aomori Prefecture, Aomori, Hirosaki, Towada-ko, Hakkōda-san, Shimokita Peninsula, Akita... 15th Edition, Jul 2017. 70 pages.


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