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  1. <strong>Nicaragua</strong> - <strong>San</strong> <strong>Carlos</strong>, Islas Solentiname & the Rio <strong>San</strong> Juan (Chapter)

    Nicaragua - San Carlos, Islas Solentiname & the Rio San Juan (Chapter)

    Archipiélago de Solentiname, mythic Río San Juan and spectacular Reserva Biológica Indio-Maíz. This is the San Carlos, Islas Solentiname & the Río San Juan chapter from Lonely Planet's Nicaragua guidebook... & accommodation Coverage includes: San Carlos, San Miguelito, Islas Solentiname, Refugio de Vida Silvestre Los... 3rd Edition, Aug 2013. 18 pages.



  2. <strong>Nicaragua</strong> travel guide

    Nicaragua travel guide

    Highlands, Caribbean Coast, San Carlos, Islas Solentiname, the Río San Juan, Understand and Survival... Traveling in Nicaragua is an authentic, nonstop adventure set among majestic volcanoes, enchanting colonial towns, invigorating cloud forests and glorious beaches. Traveling in Nicaragua is an authentic... 3rd Edition, Aug 2013. 320 pages. 32 colour pages. 44 maps. Also available in digital formats



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  3. Central America on a shoestring - <strong>Nicaragua</strong> (Chapter)

    Central America on a shoestring - Nicaragua (Chapter)

    Nacional Volcán Masaya, Southwestern Nicaragua, Isla de Ometepe & around, Southern Pacific Coast, San Juan... Coast, Bluefields, Pearl Lagoon, Corn Islands, Bilwi (Puerto Cabezas), and San Carlos & around.... Nicaragua has just about all you could ask for in a tropical paradise. Stroll colonial cities... 8th Edition, Sep 2013. 90 pages.



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