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  1. <strong>Slovenia</strong> - Prekmurje (Chapter)

    Slovenia - Prekmurje (Chapter)

    . This is the Prekmurje chapter from Lonely Planet's Slovenia guidebook.Prekmurje has preserved its traditional music... the waters at the spa resort at Radenci transport visit Prekmurje’s last remaining floating mill on the Mura... , Radenci, Moravske Toplice... 7th Edition, Apr 2013. 7 pages.



  2. <strong>Slovenia</strong> - Eastern <strong>Slovenia</strong> (Chapter)

    Slovenia - Eastern Slovenia (Chapter)

    This is the Eastern Slovenia chapter from Lonely Planet’s Slovenia guidebook. Eastern Slovenia... is Slovenia’s ‘forgotten’ corner, mostly a broad, farmed plain ‘beyond the Mura River’, which has preserved... Toplice and Radenci.... 8th Edition, May 2016. 41 pages.



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