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  1. <strong>Korea</strong> - <strong>North</strong> <strong>Korea</strong> (Chapter)

    Korea - North Korea (Chapter)

    of the once-vast Soviet empire. This is the North Korea chapter from Lonely Planet’s Korea guidebook... North Korea, North Korea Today, History and The Culture.... -vast Soviet empire. marvel at the architecture, monuments and general totalitarian weirdness of Pyongyang... 9th Edition, Jan 2013. 33 pages.



  2. Tony Wheeler's Bad Lands

    Tony Wheeler's Bad Lands

    splutters over his stein of beer in the Pyongyang duck restaurant. 'You're always leaning out of the windows... repressive and dangerous regimes in the world: Afghanistan, Albania, Burma, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea and Saudi Arabia. Taking into account each country's attitude to human rights, terrorism... 2nd Edition, Sep 2010. 352 pages.



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