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  1. Borneo travel guide - 4th edition

    Borneo travel guide - 4th edition

    Just a stone’s throw from Borneo’s multi-ethnic cities are jungles teeming with life. From the early morning whoops of gibbons to the choir-like chorus of frogs at dusk, the soundtrack alone... 4th Edition, Jul 2016. 336 pages. 96 colour pages. Also available in digital formats



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  2. Discover <strong>Malaysia</strong> & Singapore travel guide

    Discover Malaysia & Singapore travel guide

    Southeast Asia’s dynamic duo offer wildlife-rich jungles, beautiful beaches, idyllic islands, culinary sensations, andmultiethnic culture in 21st-century metropolises. Explore vibrant Kuala... 1st Edition, Jun 2013. 384 pages.


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  3. Indonesia - Java (Chapter)

    Indonesia - Java (Chapter)

    Coverage includes: Jakarta, Thousand Islands, Pulau Bidadari, Pulau Macan, West Java, Banten, Merak, Carita... Islands, East Java, Surabaya, Trowulan, Pulau Madura, South Coast, Sumenep & around, Malang & around... 11th Edition, Jun 2016. 149 pages.


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  4. Indonesia - Maluku (Chapter)

    Indonesia - Maluku (Chapter)

    white sand transport find a beachside homestay with coral at your doorstep on Pulau Hatta restaurants & accommodation Coverage includes: North Maluku, Pulau Ternate, Pulau Tidore, Pulau Halmahera, Pulau Ambon, Kota Ambon, Southern Leitimur, Eastern Leihitu, Northern & Western Leihitu, Lease Islands, Pulau Saparua... 11th Edition, Jun 2016. 43 pages.


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  5. Indonesia - Papua (Chapter)

    Indonesia - Papua (Chapter)

    Islands, Manokwari & around, Northern Papua, Jayapura, Sentani & around, Pulau Biak, Nabire, Baliem Valley... 11th Edition, Jun 2016. 40 pages.


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  6. Indonesia - Sulawesi (Chapter)

    Indonesia - Sulawesi (Chapter)

    or dive along unbelievably rich coral drop-offs – some of Asia’s best – around chilled-out Pulau Bunaken... : Makassar & around, Pantai Bira, Pulau Lihukan, Pulau Selayar, Taka Bone Rate Islands, Watampone, Sengkang... Park, Palu, Donggala & Tanjung Karang, Luwuk, Ampana, Togean Islands, Gorontalo, Manado, Pulau Bunaken... 11th Edition, Jun 2016. 67 pages.


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  7. Indonesia - Sumatra (Chapter)

    Indonesia - Sumatra (Chapter)

    & accommodation Coverage includes: Medan, Bukit Lawang, Tangkahan, Berastagi, Parapat, Danau Toba, Sibolga, Pulau Nias, Gunung Sitoli, Teluk Dalam, Pantai Sorake & Teluk Lagundri, Aceh, Banda Aceh, Pulau Weh, Banyak... Maninjau, Kerinci Valley, Kerinci Seblat National Park, Bengkulu & around, Riau, Pekanbaru, Pulau Batam... 11th Edition, Jun 2016. 96 pages.


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  8. Kuala Lumpur Melaka & Penang - Chinatown, Merdeka Square & Bukit Nanas (Chapter)

    Kuala Lumpur Melaka & Penang - Chinatown, Merdeka Square & Bukit Nanas (Chapter)

    This is the Chinatown, Merdeka Square & Bukit Nanas chapter from Lonely Planet's Kuala Lumpur, Melaka & Penang guidebook. If there's one part of Kuala Lumpur that's a microcosm of Malaysia's ethnic... of Bukit Nanas, the oldest protected piece of jungle in Malaysia. explore the cultural mash... 3rd Edition, May 2014. 14 pages.


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  9. Kuala Lumpur Melaka & Penang - Day Trips from Kuala Lumpur (Chapter)

    Kuala Lumpur Melaka & Penang - Day Trips from Kuala Lumpur (Chapter)

    of Malaysia (FRIM). Batu Caves, a dramatic limestone crag riddled with caverns, is both a natural marvel... , including a giant water theme park and a mega-mosque. Putrajaya, Malaysia's administrative hub... . Coverage includes: Batu Caves, Forest Research Institute of Malaysia, Fraser's Hill (Bukit Fraser), Klang... 3rd Edition, May 2014. 22 pages.


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  10. Kuala Lumpur Melaka & Penang - Masjid India, Kampung Baru & Northern KL (Chapter)

    Kuala Lumpur Melaka & Penang - Masjid India, Kampung Baru & Northern KL (Chapter)

    Masjid India, Kuala Lumpur's other Little India transport view works by Malaysia's top contemporary... 3rd Edition, May 2014. 10 pages.


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