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  1. Peru - <strong>Amazon</strong> <strong>Basin</strong> (Chapter)

    Peru - Amazon Basin (Chapter)

    This is the Amazon Basin chapter from Lonely Planet’s Peru guidebook. Vast and often impenetrable, Peru’s Amazon Basin is a strange, sweltering, seductive country-within-a-country that offers phenomenal... and nearby Pozuzo restaurants & accommodations Coverage includes: Puerto Maldonado & around, Parque Nacional... 9th Edition, Mar 2016. 51 pages.


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  2. South America on a Shoestring - Peru (Chapter)

    South America on a Shoestring - Peru (Chapter)

    Huascarán, Northern Highlands, Cajamarca, Chachapoyas, Kuélap, Tarapoto, Amazon Basin, Puerto Maldonado... Peru’s terrain ranges from glaciated Andean peaks and coastal deserts to steamy rainforests in the Amazon Basin. Excavate the past – with temples entangled in jungle vines, windswept desert tombs... 13th Edition, Sep 2016. 112 pages.


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