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  1. <strong>France</strong>'s Best Trips - <strong>Provence</strong> & Southeast <strong>France</strong> Trips (Chapter)

    France's Best Trips - Provence & Southeast France Trips (Chapter)

    With its shimmering coast and rustic Provençal heart, the Mediterranean south has a timeless allure. Driving here you’ll travel through wildly divergent landscapes: cinematic coastline, rugg... 2nd Edition, Feb 2017. 74 pages.


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  2. <strong>France</strong>'s Best Trips - Pyrenees & Southwest <strong>France</strong> Trips (Chapter)

    France's Best Trips - Pyrenees & Southwest France Trips (Chapter)

    Stretching from the dog’s-tooth peaks of the Pyrenees all the way to the scrubby, sunbaked plains of the Languedoc, the southwest is a region that’s made for driving, with lots of scenic roa... 2nd Edition, Feb 2017. 40 pages.


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  3. <strong>France</strong>'s Best Trips - Road Trip Essentials (Chapter)

    France's Best Trips - Road Trip Essentials (Chapter)

    includes: France Driving Guide, France Travel Guide and Language.... 2nd Edition, Feb 2017. 19 pages.


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  4. <strong>France</strong> - The French Riviera & Monaco (Chapter)

    France - The French Riviera & Monaco (Chapter)

    With its glistening seas, idyllic beaches and fabulous weather, the Riviera (known as Côte d’Azur to the French) encapsulates many people’s idea of the good life. The beauty is that there i... 12th Editon, Feb 2017. 51 pages.


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  5. <strong>France</strong> - The Loire Valley (Chapter)

    France - The Loire Valley (Chapter)

    The Loire Valley – an enormous Unesco World Heritage Site – is known for its fairy-tale châteaux and the villages and vineyards that surround them, outstanding wines and lively, sophisticate... 12th Editon, Feb 2017. 42 pages.


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  6. <strong>France</strong> - The Pyrenees (Chapter)

    France - The Pyrenees (Chapter)

    Spiking the skyline for 430km along the Franco-Spanish border, the snow-dusted Pyrenees offer a glimpse of France’s wilder side. This serrated chain of peaks contains some of the country’s most pristine landscapes and rarest wildlife. admiring the views from the sky-top observatory at pic du Midi maps trekking... 12th Editon, Feb 2017. 23 pages.


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  7. <strong>France</strong> - Toulouse Area (Chapter)

    France - Toulouse Area (Chapter)

    Gastronomy and good living are the passions underpinning this sun-kissed corner of southwestern France. At the heart of the region’s farms and flower-sprinkled meadows is Toulouse, a city of pink stone invigorated by bustling salons de thé (tearooms), galleries and nightlife aplenty. ogling fresh produce... 12th Editon, Feb 2017. 20 pages.


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  8. <strong>France</strong> travel guide

    France travel guide

    France seduces travellers with its unfalteringly familiar culture, woven around cafe terraces... Planet will get you to the heart of France, with amazing travel experiences and the best planning advice. Lonely Planet France is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip... 12th Edition, Feb 2017. 1000 pages. 1000 colour pages. Also available in digital formats



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  9. <strong>France</strong> - Understand <strong>France</strong> and Survival Guide (Chapter)

    France - Understand France and Survival Guide (Chapter)

    , painting and music in France details on landscapes and wildlife Coverage includes: France Today, History... 12th Editon, Feb 2017. 81 pages.


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  10. French Phrasebook

    French Phrasebook

    the UN and the International Olympic Committee). French films are internationally renowned, and France... 6th Edition, Feb 2015. 272 pages.


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