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  1. <strong>Korea</strong> travel guide

    Korea travel guide

    -a-glance practical info Comprehensive planning tools and in-depth background Includes coverage of North Korea... , Gyeongsangnam-do, Jeollanam-do, Jeju-do, Jeollabuk-do, Chungcheongnam-do, Chungcheongbuk-do, North Korea... for tradition and the ways of old Asia; the North, a challenging, geopolitical enigma. The Korean Peninsula... 9th Edition, Jan 2013. 416 pages. 128 colour pages. 102 maps. Also available in digital formats





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  2. <strong>Korea</strong> - <strong>North</strong> <strong>Korea</strong> (Chapter)

    Korea - North Korea (Chapter)

    of the once-vast Soviet empire. This is the North Korea chapter from Lonely Planet’s Korea guidebook... North Korea, North Korea Today, History and The Culture.... 9th Edition, Jan 2013. 33 pages.



  3. <strong>Korea</strong> - Gangwon-do (Chapter)

    Korea - Gangwon-do (Chapter)

    of Seoraksan National Park maps peer into North Korea at Goseong Unification Observatory, the northernmost... Mountainous Gangwon-do gives you some of South Korea’s most spectacular landscapes, up... . This is the Gangwon-do chapter from Lonely Planet’s Korea guidebook.Mountainous Gangwon-do gives you some of South... 9th Edition, Jan 2013. 25 pages.



  4. Korean Phrasebook

    Korean Phrasebook

    To understand what makes Koreans tick, you should know something about harmony and hierarchy, highly valued principles that draw on Confucian ideals. To understand what makes Koreans tick,... 5th Edition, Apr 2012. 272 pages.



  5. Tony Wheeler's Bad Lands

    Tony Wheeler's Bad Lands

    repressive and dangerous regimes in the world: Afghanistan, Albania, Burma, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea and Saudi Arabia. Taking into account each country's attitude to human rights, terrorism... 2nd Edition, Sep 2010. 352 pages.



  6. Seoul - Day Trips from Seoul (Chapter)

    Seoul - Day Trips from Seoul (Chapter)

    North and South Korea and the charming art and culture village of Heyri. For history buffs and collectors of weird experiences, in the DMZ between North and South Korea you can straddle the line between... all be completed in a day. Must-sees include a visit to the DMZ buffer zone between North and South... 7th Edition, Nov 2012. 11 pages.



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