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  1. New York City - Day Trips from New York City (Chapter)

    New York City - Day Trips from New York City (Chapter)

    and they can each be completed in a day. Must-sees include The Hamptons and Fire Island. The Hamptons is a sweeping coastline studded with opulent mansions that host see-and-be-seen summer parties Fire Island... , roaring with drag queens and a carefree clubs wine-tasting at Long Island’s vineyards is a fun day... 10th Edition, Jul 2016. 33 pages.



  2. New York city guide

    New York city guide

    One of the world’s most captivating places, New York City has it all: celebrated concert halls, a renowned dining and drinking scene, and fascinating neighborhoods filled with people from ev... 10th Edition, Jul 2016. 452 pages. 452 colour pages. 50 maps. Also available in digital formats





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  3. New York City - Lower Manhattan & the Financial District (Chapter)

    New York City - Lower Manhattan & the Financial District (Chapter)

    : Neighbourhood Top Five, Local Life, Getting There & Away, Sights: Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, National... 10th Edition, Jul 2016. 42 pages.



  4. Travel with Dogs

    Travel with Dogs

    , Europe and Australia with a dog. ... 1st Edition, Jul 2016. 128 pages. 128 colour pages.



  5. Vietnam - Mekong Delta (Chapter)

    Vietnam - Mekong Delta (Chapter)

    from Can Tho maps kick up red dirt on a motorbike ride and watching a sunset on Phu Quoc Island’s many... , Ca Mau, U-Minh Forest, Rach Gia, Phu Quoc Island, Ha Tien and around, Chau Doc, Sam Mountain, Long Xuyen, Cao Lanh and around and Sa Dec.... 13th Edition, Jul 2016. 51 pages.



  6. Indonesia - Bali (Chapter)

    Indonesia - Bali (Chapter)

    and truly charming people: there are as many images of Bali as there are flowers on the island’s ubiquitous... in Bali’s elaborate cultural life in Ubud, where you can enjoy your choice of the island’s iconic dance... 11th Edition, Jun 2016. 105 pages.



  7. Indonesia - Java (Chapter)

    Indonesia - Java (Chapter)

    This is the Java chapter from Lonely Planet’s Indonesia guidebook. Home to 140 million people and the most populated island on earth, Java is an island of megacities, mesmerising natural beauty, magical archaeological sites and profound traditions in art, music and dance. experience the ethereal beauty... 11th Edition, Jun 2016. 149 pages.



  8. Indonesia - Papua (Chapter)

    Indonesia - Papua (Chapter)

    This is the Papua chapter from Lonely Planet’s Indonesia guidebook. Even a country as full of adventure as Indonesia has its final frontier. And here it is: Papua, half of the world’s second-biggest island, New Guinea. It may be the youngest part of Indonesia, but Papua’s rich tribal traditions span... 11th Edition, Jun 2016. 40 pages.



  9. Indonesia - Sulawesi (Chapter)

    Indonesia - Sulawesi (Chapter)

    This is the Sulawesi chapter from Lonely Planet’s Indonesia guidebook. If you think Sulawesi’s geography looks fantastic on the map, just wait until you see it for real. The massive island’s multi-limbed coastline is drawn with sandy beaches that fringe coral reefs and a mind-boggling variety of fish. snorkel... 11th Edition, Jun 2016. 67 pages.



  10. Indonesia - Sumatra (Chapter)

    Indonesia - Sumatra (Chapter)

    This is the Sumatra chapter from Lonely Planet’s Indonesia guidebook. Few isles tempt the imagination with the lure of adventure quite like the fierce land of Sumatra. An island of extraordinary... your desert island paradise among the Banyak Islands and snorkel Sumatra’s best reefs restaurants... 11th Edition, Jun 2016. 96 pages.



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