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  1. <strong>Chile</strong> & Easter Island - Southern Patagonia (Chapter)

    Chile & Easter Island - Southern Patagonia (Chapter)

    This is the Southern Patagonia chapter from Lonely Planet’s Chile & Easter Island guidebook. Patagonia is a place for travelers to hatch their greatest adventures, whether hiking through rugged landscapes, seeing penguins by the thousands or horseback riding across the steppe. discover the remote... 10th Edition, Sep 2015. 42 pages.


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  2. <strong>Chile</strong> & Easter Island - Sur Chico (Chapter)

    Chile & Easter Island - Sur Chico (Chapter)

    This is the Sur Chico chapter from Lonely Planet’s Chile & Easter Island guidebook. In Sur Chico you’ll find well-developed lakeside hamlets dripping in charm and draped by stunning national parks and nature reserves, plus exquisitely conical volcanoes, a magnetic draw for outdoor adventure enthusiasts... 10th Edition, Sep 2015. 58 pages.


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  3. <strong>Chile</strong> & Easter Island - Tierra Del Fuego (Chapter)

    Chile & Easter Island - Tierra Del Fuego (Chapter)

    This is the Tierra del Fuego chapter from Lonely Planet’s Chile & Easter Island guidebook. Shared by Chile and Argentina, the immense Fuegian wilderness, with its slate-gray seascapes, murky crimson bogs and wind-worn forests is also lovely and wild. trek around jagged peaks and sculpted landscapes... 10th Edition, Sep 2015. 21 pages.


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  4. <strong>Chile</strong> & Easter Island - Understand <strong>Chile</strong> & Easter Island and Survival Guide (Chapter)

    Chile & Easter Island - Understand Chile & Easter Island and Survival Guide (Chapter)

    This chapter contains the Chile Today, History, Life in Chile, Chilean Wine, Literature & Cinema... ’s Chile & Easter Island guidebook. All the info you need on everything from history, culture, Chilean wine... to current environmental issues full coverage of Chile’s national parks details on the national psyche... 10th Edition, Sep 2015. 60 pages.


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  5. South America on a Shoestring - <strong>Chile</strong> (Chapter)

    South America on a Shoestring - Chile (Chapter)

    . Adventure travelers will find themselves wholly in their element. hike to the rugged spires of Chile’s finest national park, Torres del Paine maps swirl, sniff and sip your way through Chile’s best vineyards... , Chile Chico, South to Villa O’Higgins, Villa O’Higgins, Southern Patagonia, Punta Arenas, Puerto Natales... 13th Edition, Sep 2016. 118 pages.



  6. <strong>Middle</strong> East phrasebook

    Middle East phrasebook

    With eight key languages in this first ever phrasebook to the region, let no barriers - language or culture - get in your way. Order the right meal with our menu decoder Never get stuck fo... 2nd Edition, Aug 2013. 256 pages. Also available in digital formats



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  7. <strong>Middle</strong> East travel guide

    Middle East travel guide

    The Middle East is one of history’s grand epics - a cradle of civilisations and a beautiful, complicated land that’s home to some of the most hospitable people on the planet. The Middle East is one... of the most hospitable people on the planet. Lonely Planet will get you to the heart of Middle East... 8th Edition, Aug 2015. 608 pages. 256 colour pages. 77 maps. Also available in digital formats



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  8. Quechua phrasebook

    Quechua phrasebook

    , Argentina and Chile. Most Quechua speakers are found in the Andes, although some live in the jungle... 4th Edition, Sep 2014. 228 pages.


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  9. Latin American Spanish Phrasebook

    Latin American Spanish Phrasebook

    , Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uraguay, Argentina * Please note, this title is not available in ebook format.... 7th Edition, Apr 2015. 272 pages.


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  10. Hebrew Phrasebook

    Hebrew Phrasebook

    Anyone can speak another language! It’s all about confidence. Israelis love to chat, so don't be surprised - or caught out - if a total stranger starts up a heated discussion while you wait... 3rd Edition, Feb 2013. 256 pages.


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