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  1. <strong>Middle</strong> East phrasebook

    Middle East phrasebook

    With eight key languages in this first ever phrasebook to the region, let no barriers - language or culture - get in your way. Order the right meal with our menu decoder Never get stuck fo... 2nd Edition, Aug 2013. 256 pages. Also available in digital formats


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  2. <strong>Middle</strong> East travel guide

    Middle East travel guide

    The Middle East is one of history’s grand epics – a cradle of civilisations and a beautiful, complicated land that’s home to some of the most hospitable people on the planet. The Middle East is one of history’s grand epics – a cradle of civilisations and a beautiful, complicated land that’s home to some... 7th Edition, Aug 2012. 672 pages. 256 colour pages. 89 maps. Also available in digital formats


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  3. <strong>India</strong> phrasebook

    India phrasebook

    Over one billion people speaking in 22 official languages - it'd be easy to mistake your Kashmiri from your Konkani, but not with this little beauty in your backpack. You'll be conversing ef... 1st Edition, Sep 2008. 400 pages. 1 maps.


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  4. <strong>India</strong> travel guide

    India travel guide

    India bristles with a mind-stirring mix of landscapes and cultural traditions. Your journey through this intoxicating country will blaze in your memory long after you’ve left its shores. Inspirational images, 3D... , Karnataka, Bengaluru, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Andaman Islands, Tamil Nadu, Chennai, Understand and Survival... 15th Edition, Sep 2013. 1248 pages. 224 colour pages. 256 maps. Also available in digital formats


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  5. Not For Parents: Paris (<strong>North</strong> American Edition)

    Not For Parents: Paris (North American Edition)

    pretend you’re at the beach in the middle of the city? Who smiles at 6 million people a year? Who had her... 1st Edition, Sep 2011. 96 pages.


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  6. Hebrew Phrasebook

    Hebrew Phrasebook

    Anyone can speak another language! It’s all about confidence. Israelis love to chat, so don't be surprised - or caught out - if a total stranger starts up a heated discussion while you wait... 3rd Edition, Feb 2013. 256 pages.


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  7. Moroccan Arabic phrasebook

    Moroccan Arabic phrasebook

    Up to 4 million people visit Morocco annually and many of them are looking quizzically at menus or asking really loudly where the toilet is. But with this phrasebook you needn't be one o... 4th Edition, Dec 2013. 184 pages.


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  8. Hindi, Urdu & Bengali phrasebook

    Hindi, Urdu & Bengali phrasebook

    Hindi and Urdu are generally considered to be one spoken language with two different literary traditions. This means that Hindi and Urdu speakers who shop in the same markets (and watch th... 4th Edition, Aug 2011. 304 pages. 304 colour pages. 1 maps.


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  9. Filipino (Tagalog) phrasebook

    Filipino (Tagalog) phrasebook

    Filipino was first incarnated as ‘Tagalog’, a local language still spoken in the Manila region. Once Manila was selected as the national capital in 1595, Tagalog became the country’s most wi... 5th Edition, Jul 2014. 264 pages.


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  10. Korean Phrasebook

    Korean Phrasebook

    To understand what makes Koreans tick, you should know something about harmony and hierarchy, highly valued principles that draw on Confucian ideals. To understand what makes Koreans tick,... 5th Edition, Apr 2012. 272 pages.


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